Beginners Guide 2

Find your local RC Tracks

You may already have a car, you may not – if you haven’t then try to resist the urge to buy just yet.  Our first advice is always to find your local track and a local community of racers so you can see what racing is all about.  Look for Facebook or social media pages, websites, YouTube channels etc.

One of the best places to start looking for a track in the UK is  Get in contact with the club and they will be happy to share more about the club and racing.

Once you have found your local club and done a little bit of research, pop along to one of the organised meetings to watch some racing.  Don’t be shy, just show some interest and introduce yourself as racers are always happy to chat about their hobby or show you their car. We were all new to the hobby once!  If you already have a car, take it with you and you can show them what you have.  Many clubs have ‘Run what you brung’ sessions or races, as long as your car is safe, the club will guide you.

‘Club cars’ are available at many clubs for use, so that you can dip your toe in the water without a big outlay of cash, so it’s a good idea to ask.  Glasgow have several club cars that can be booked to try out racing. We don’t keep the cars onsite, so make sure you contact us or book them in advance to make sure of availability.  Sometimes you may get a friendly club member allow you to have a quick go with their own car.  Remember it is their pride and joy!

Remember, our advice is always…. come down and see the racing and chat to the racers if possible BEFORE committing any of your hard-earned cash!  There are so many options and factors to picking the right car, that getting some hands-on advice will always improve your experience.   Racers are a friendly bunch and always happy to chat about it in person and show you what’s what.

Some tracks offer practice days or evenings, so you can try out your car on the track without any racing around you.  Ask your club! To give you some background info before you come to the track, take a read of the information below, it should hopefully give you some insight into things so you can ask us better questions when you come along.