Volunteer & help out

There are lots of opportunities to help out at Glasgow RC Club! One of the most important things about our clubs success is its ethos. It is superb to see everyone helping out as they can, putting out the gazebos, tables, chairs and the jumps out for everyone, and then away at the end of the meeting. 😊

It is just as important to be friendly and welcoming to all and to help each other out whenever you get the opportunity! It’s great to see this in action every meeting!

We are a non-profit community group and we are run by volunteers, so without our members going the extra mile we wouldn’t have a club! So thank you!

Here are a few examples of ways you could help out :-

  • Help out putting equipment out at the start and end of the meeting
  • Help out with the website, facebook, YouTube or social media
  • Share your knowledge
  • Help out with track maintenance and keeping the area tidy
  • Offer to marshal, even when it’s not your turn
  • Learn how to run a meeting and race timing software
  • Help out in one of the committee positions
  • Contribute ideas on how to keep improving the clubs facilities
  • Draw out a plan for track layout designs