RC Racing Simulator

Did you know that you can practice driving an RC car, even when you don’t have a car available?

VRC Pro is an RC racing simulator that simulates what it is like to drive an RC car on tracks. There is no substitute for driving a real car on track, but VRC Pro really helps a drivers performance and consistency when switching back to a real RC car!

– Unlimited racing
– Non-stop practice
– Online community
– Internet multiplayer
– Online race events & series
– Use gamepad/joystick or purchase an optional USB adaptor for an RC transmitter!

The great news is that you don’t need a mega spec computer! Some of us are running it on fairly old laptops!

What you need to have a go on VRC Pro:-

  • A PC that is up to 10 years old will work fine! Here are the minimum requirements.
  • The VRC Pro software registration & download
    • Step 1. Sign up for a FREE account (only on the website, but also paid versions also available on Steam)
    • Step 2. Download & install VRC-PRO
    • Step 3. Race for FREE (free-2-play)

Optional but recommended:-

  • Use your own RC radio gear as a controller with this little gadget that allows you to use an RC transmitter and receiver to control the car!
    VRC PRO USB Adapter – https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/255791059548

This article is still in progress as we need a section/youtube video on how to calibrate and setup the controller in Windows – very easy

Find out more about VRC Pro here – https://www.vrcworld.com/about/